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If you’re reading this, you’ve probably seen Kate and Gwyn’s incredible journey from knowing nothing about architecture, having never built a house before, to their magnificent modernist renovation of the old picture house in Thorne.

The one single thing that typifies their courage in this astounding project is their “Gwindow”, a hydraulic window / wall / door / canopy that seemed so “bonkers” until it was realised through sheer will to become the central genius of their home.

“I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s amazing! Everyone is going to want one of these!” – Kevin McCloud


This showstopper of engineering was taken from an idea, to a roughly made steel frame hangar door, to residential quality by Richard Wilson, superstar builder, and his team who collaborated with Graham Ball Joiners to create the window cladding with glass that filters out two thirds of the heat from the sun.

“It works so well. When it’s vertical, it’s a wall of glass. When it’s horizontal, it’s a canopy from the sun or the rain. It’s beautiful and it works. Perfect design!” – Gwyn ap Harri

Because of their unique experience and with a team that delivers, Kate and Gwyn have decided to offer their product as a complete service:

  • Consultation and site survey
  • Design and Implementation
  • Installation and residential finish

Each Gwindow will be unique, but for a similar installation to Kate and Gwyn’s, the cost would be around £15,000 for the full service from consultation to finish.

If you are interested in having a Gwindow, please send an email describing your project to

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